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Always Music CD

Colin Allured

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Colin offers online lessons.
$60 an hour
$30 a half hour


Colin has been teaching guitar for 18 years. From beginners to advanced players, he offers
personally fitted instruction in rock, blues, country, folk, West African and classical guitar styles.

Vocal Coaching

Colin can help you find your voice. He has taken many beginning guitar students who had no
experience singing, and brought them to a level where they can play and sing at the same time with confidence and joy. He draws from his own training in Hindustani vocal music and his experience in award winning choirs to bring ease and awareness in singing rock, country, pop and folk styles.


Whether you want help learning how to write your first song, or whether you would like to go
deeper in applying music theory and many other advanced creative tools to bring your
songwriting to the next level, Colin loves to inspire creativity in a nurturing and informative way.


No matter what your footdrum set up is, Colin can help you expand your repertoire of rhythms
and give you strategies to overcome the challenge of syncing up simultaneously with your
guitar playing and singing.

Music Theory

Woven into all his lesson and offered as a separate and distinct offering, Colin’s intricate and
advanced understanding of music theory can enhance your creative possibilities and your
appreciation of music. The strength in his personal approach to teaching is that he makes this
information immediately useful and applicable, tailored to needs and goals of each student.
Colin draws on his music theory studies with American Composer Keith Gates, as well as his
degree from the University of the North Carolina School of the Arts in classical guitar
performance, which included training in Music Theory, Music History and Ear Training.

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