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Colin Allured is an inspired musician and composer whose unique sound blends musical

traditions that cross cultures and centuries. Born and raised in the Southern United States, Colin heard the call of music as a child and he has followed this call around the globe.


Photo: Mercedes Duarte Bentaberry

Since learning the guitar at the age of nine, Colin has immersed himself in the worlds of

European classical music, American music styles including Zydeco, music of the Appalachian Mountains, rock and roll, gospel, and blues. He has intensively studied world traditions including Hindustani classical music, Middle Eastern drumming and West African string music. Colin has worked with a number of prominent musicians and performers, both in the studio and on stage, and has gained a reputation as a rare and distinguished artist.

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Photo: James C. Williams

Colin’s latest project is an exciting new release in which he has composed a New Baroque Suite for Electric Guitar and Darbuka. By cross-pollinating European classical music, psychedelic guitar, and Middle Eastern percussion, Colin has created a captivating and contemporary sound that is equal parts hommage and innovation.


With his technical mastery and creative vision, Colin Allured is sure to delight audiences with his upcoming release. Whether you are a fan of classical approaches or modern stylings, you won’t want to miss this exciting new work from one of today’s musical pioneers.

Photo: Lana Shkadova

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Photo: Lana Shkadova

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