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Colin Allured is a multi-instrumentalist who offers a truly unique performance experience. His songs are intricately crafted with a lush baritone voice, guitar, and self-styled footdrums. This constellation lifts his songs into the sonic sphere of a full band but with the intimacy of the solo artist. He is often accompanied by Cristin Whiting who adds a chemistry of auxiliary percussion and feminine presence to his performances. With his roots in his father’s 60s vinyl collection, European classical music, and world music explorations, his songs are rich in variety, transcending era, style and culture.

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Based in Winston Salem, North Carolina, Colin’s Louisiana roots shine through with zydeco rhythms and soulful melodies. Playful Hindu rock lyrics, funky prog riffs and spellbinding jams dance through his sets. His concerts weave relatable story-songs, baroque and flamenco compositions over footdrums, and mystical kamale ngoni (West African harp) trances. These musical lineages are woven into a cohesive sound on his first solo record, “Always Music,” which has the organic feel of a classic album. Notable in this era of streaming, the CD has sold out three printings, driven by Colin’s consistent performing.

Before concentrating on his solo career since 2015, Colin was the front man, singer- songwriter and guitarist for the touring bands Thinking Plyers, Lean In and Dhamaru, releasing 7 studio albums with these groups and touring widely. Dhamaru offered a departure from rock by focusing on the meeting between North Indian and West African influences. Always on a musical quest, Colin studied West African string music with Mamadou Sidibe and Indian classical music with Gaurang Doshi, Madhumita Saha and Roop Verma.

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Colin left home at the age of 16 to attend the University of North Carolina School of the Arts where he earned his high school and undergraduate degrees in classical guitar. A serious student from the age of 9, Colin has won numerous guitar competitions including Louisiana’s Guitar Wars, the New Orleans Symphony Young Artist Competition, the Pine Belt Guitar Symposium Classical Guitar Competition, the ASTA State and National Competitions, and the A.J.Fletcher Competition Scholarship (which awarded 4 years paid tuition to UNCSA). Before the age of 18 he had performed with the New Orleans Symphony, the Lake Charles Symphony and the Louisiana Choral Foundation.

With deep wells of inspiration that never run dry, Colin Allured is one of the most exciting musicians to follow. Broadly-influenced danceable beats, great hooks, and a soulful vibration uplift his listeners. There is always something fresh to quench the heart, mind and body. 

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